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Take me down to headshot city....

It's been headshot city around here lately and I'm starting to look like a commercial photographer (well, okay, I'm not, I still look like a bum).

Top row is romance novelist Victoria Janssen (beware, thar may be pirates and werewolves in her novels). Below that writer, scholar, historian & fat activist Hanne Blank author of (among many other things) Virgin: The Untouched History, world famous actress trillian_stars, and Dom Flemons of Carolina Chocolate Drops.

Most of these shot straight with a 50mm f 1.4 or an 85 1.8. I used to try and stay wide open when doing this but realized I'd often get a shot with the eyes perfectly in focus and the nose blurry which is a bit unsettling so lately I've been experimenting with f2.8 or 4 for straight on shots.

Intern Monkey Addie Plum has been along for most of the ride lately. (Intern Monkey llinds is in Australia having a splendid time.) Last night after doing Victoria's headshot we went out to the Pen and Pencil (the oldest continuously operating press club in the country) where there was [collective noun for authors? suggestions welcome] a manuscript of authors, including novelists Michael Swanwick & Tom Purdom, editor Gardner Dozois and nano publisher Marianne Porter. A splendid time was had by all and we went away enriched by conversation.

Now I shall stop procrastinating and start editing photos for the upcoming ... gak ... can I say? Is it top secret? Ah well, if it is I'll blow the lid here ... Amanda Palmer album.

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