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I'm a bad dad.

Like the freaking bad dad from Edible Dirt. If I had kids they'd be running around the neighborhood shooting cans off of one another's heads with crossbows. A few weeks ago we noticed that everybody's favorite cat, Tatiana had had this gigantic claw that had grown through the pad of her foot. I was horrified at my negligence in letting it happen and vowed I'd be more vigilant. "Old cats," they told me, "they don't trim their nails so much on their own, so they can just grow right around into their feet." I thought I was paying attention and I also thought that Tatty was getting old and arthritic. Last night we got home to find blood all over the bed in little dabs. We checked the cats and found that Tatty had not just re-grown her gigantic claw, but she had four others that had grown into the pads of her feet. She never complained. trillian_stars raced her to the vet and she had emergency surgery. I'd no idea that they could grow back that quickly. But now I know. And now I'm serious when I say check the paws of your little ones -- dogs and cats every two weeks if they're older, because they might not let you know they're in pain. I'm turned inside out with guilt -- I suspect that one of the greatest pains someone can feel is knowing that they've let down something that depended on them. Especially something as darling as that cat.

Tatty's been getting the guilty-parent spoiling since she got back -- which she kind of gets all the time anyway since all she wants to do is sit in your lap and purr.

Learn and grow from mistakes. Dwell on the solution.

In other, less negligent, news we had dinner with with Jill Tracy a few days back. If you don't know Jill you will want to check out her music and stage show. She does performances she calls "musical seances" where audience members bring some ... thing ... in with them something of significance, and she looks at it and creates music on the spot inspired by it. She's also done a lot of film scoring and some amount of acting ... and she pals around with Jello Freaking Biafra which ... well ... you know.

We had a great conversation about music and objects and the history of money and exchange and value with her and whafford and of course Nicki Jaine who is the reason so many things ever happened.

That's Nicki Jaine, archaeologist & world traveler whafford (whose blog you should probably be reading), the rocking Jill Tracy, world renown Shakespearian actor trillian_stars and your humble narrator.

Last night trillian_stars had a reading for Josh McIlvain's play Carter's Play -- readings are what playwrights do when they have a play in development they want to hear acted out to see how the story flows, how the dialog sounds, and figure out what works and what doesn't. Readings are also what actors do when they think a play is good and they want to cement a spot in creating the character on broadway and getting their name in the script forever.

It was a very good play. I had a terrific time, as I always do, sitting in the audience watching Trillian and had a lovely time being completely anonymous afterward. I think that's one key to a successful relationship -- that you each get to spend some amount of time standing around the catering table hogging the salsa while people on the other side of the room throw flowers and praise at the person you love.

I'd write about more, but my apology to Tatiana is ongoing and made of attention.

thank you all for reading.

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