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Oleanna and Much More

Last night trillian_stars and I went to see the opening of David Mammet's play Oleanna at Curio Theatre. It's an intense two person play on a stage which, during the production, makes a complete revolution so you start out thinking "wow, we got miserable seats, all I can see is everyone's back" and slowly it dawns on you that your seats are better than you thought they were and then they're great seats and then they start getting worse again.

Here's trillian_stars on the rotating set.

After the play we went to the cast party and somehow started talking about the great pipe organ which makes up the backdrop of Curio Theatre's vast production space. "I can take you up in there," said Paul, who in addition to acting in Oleanna is responsible for all of Curio's sets. So we trotted back to the theatre and climbed up through a maze of ladders inside the gigantic instrument. I was surprised to discover that the pipes aren't really attached, they just sit in holes drilled in an enormous series of platforms.

Here's the view from high atop the pipe organ, 20 or 30 feet from the ground. Clickenzee to Embiggen!

I pulled a few of them out and played a song by blowing into them. Even the most delicate breath will make a note.

I kept thinking I wish freaking Sxip Shirey was here. He could make some amazing music inside a pipe organ....

One more short video, which includes Paul playing a 10 foot pipe.

After that Paul showed us the amazing mechanism that he uses to spin the stage around -- very simple and very easy -- a guinea pig probably couldn't turn it, but a poodle could.

We came home, Trillian read me a chapter øƒ Flashman and we went off to bed.

Be splendid today. I'm off to do about a zillion portraits.

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