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micro editing

I've always held that there's about 20 minutes of really good movie in Jurassic Park and subsequent watchings of that movie take about that long. Netflix (and now netflix streaming) have introduced me to lots of movies with 20 minutes worth of watching stretched out to an hour and a half. It would be useful if someone would come up with a mechanism whereby you could apply someone else's editing to a movie. So you might have a movie with a title like ... Dear Tic, (which would have fifteen minutes of awesome scenes of people being attacked by Giant Goat Sized Human Hybrid Escaped Government Ticks but an hour and ten minutes of people driving around in pickup trucks complaining about water rights and high school reunions) -- and then you could find half a dozen edits edits of it on line and say "Oh, I really liked that 23 minute edit that FlashyJoe23 did of Shark Attack IV, so I'll download his edits of Dear Tic.

All the edits need to be is some sort of Edit Decision List (called an EDL in video editing circles) which could be a tiny ascii file that would tell your video player to Play 00:00:00 - 00:01:13 then jump to 00:34:43 and then on from there....

Think of all the collective time it would save....

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