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Went to the spooky Laurel Hill Cemetery with trillian_stars for a Top Secret project of Trill's. The cemetery is filled with civil war generals and signers of the Declaration of Independence and it's huge. Those graveyard sitters amongst you would love it. I've a powerful moratorium on graveyard photos which might get broken a little.

While Trillian was working on the Top Secret, I sought out the grave of one of my heros, Arctic explorer Elisha Kent Kane who's book Arctic Explorations: The Search for Sir John Franklin is one of the most gripping things I've read. With bad maps and lots of shuttling back and forth I found his mausoleum on a cliff face surrounded by marble pylons and iron bars. I plopped down in the shade and started reading Jay Lake's book The Specific Gravity of Grief which has been taunting me on the to be read shelf for months now. I had a lovely few hours in seclusion far from people feeling a bit like I did in the summers between school when I was a kid, all responsibilities and New Projects for which I would be Responsible flown from my mind. Soon enough Trillian found me and said that Secret Things were Taken Care of and we could go.

As we left I took this photo of fall leaves clustered on the stairs leading to Kane's tomb with a Panasonic GF1. It seemed less Goth Dramatic than trying to photograph his grave and not doing a good job.

Looks nice bigger -- wallpaper sized for your convenience.

Clickenzee to embiggen!

Welcome home from the Arctic, Dr. Kane. I hope Maggie was able to find you.

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