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The Quote Post

This is a post for people who want to discuss the words and images that went into the quotation photo project (where I asked people to send in a quote from their favorite book or poem and I did twenty photos inspired by those words). You can see ten of the images and the quotes behind them here. I thought for a while about including the quotes in the final booklet but ultimately decided that would be giving too much away. But I invite everybody who did choose a quote to post a photo of themselves and the photo they think they inspired & talk about why they choose that particular passage and what it means -- and I'm happy to talk about how I got from words to image if you want to hear.

Also, if people want to use this space to inspire one another to take photos or write poems or perform interpretive dances, please feel free to post your own favorite quote that didn't get used and everybody else, feel free to take your own photos based on anything here. Share, share, make beautiful things.

Outtake from "To thine own self be true."

Do something really wonderful today.

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