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something i'd read in faustian_wish's journal made me realize last night in a fit of nostalgia, that the authors of most of my favorite childrens books are now probably dead. i wish i'd taken the time to write to them when i was a kid....

"A Spell is Cast" -- Elizabeth Cameron
"Pilot Down, Presumed Dead" -- Marjorie Phleger
"the mad scientists club" -- bertrand r. brinley
"The Towers of Februrary" -- Tonke Dragt
"ordinary jack" -- helen cresswell
"the witch's buttons" -- ruth chew
"the witch's spoon" -- mary cunningham
"rascal" -- sterling north
"mrs pigglewiggle" -- betty macdonald
"the 21 balloons" -- william pene dubois
"the bully on barkham street" -- mary stolz
"how to eat fried worms" -- thomas rockwell
"henry reed's journal" -- keith robertson
"the perilouos guard" -- elizabeth marie pope

there was a crumbled race-track behind our apartment in pitman -- like a great roman ruin. i used to climb to the top of it and sit and read in the sun.

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