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Matt &

This is Matt -- taken with my iPhone in the TJ Maxx housewares department. He looks a little sad, but he's a kind , jolly, and generous person & looking at this makes me wish he was here now.

Clickenzee to Emgiggen!

In other news.....

One of the most sagacious pieces of wisdom I ever heard was from tech wizard Gerry McCartney who said "Never show anybody anything that's not finished, because you only get one chance. If you show someone what you're working on twice, the second time they'll say I already saw this, and it didn't work last time."


Tomorrow is a Top Secret photo project of a nature both ambitious and restrained, if you can imagine. I'm excited to see what big things can come from small beginnings. Hopefully it will all be over and done and ready for Prime Time by next week.

trillian_stars is out at the theatre seeing Uncle Vanya -- I'm here ostensibly working on Tomorrow's Big Project which meant, for some length of time, laying in the tub and reading William Shatner's Star Trek Memories while letting ideas percolate through the back of my head. Sometime during this bit of reflection and preparation, Roswell waddled into the bathroom and leapt into the tub with me. This proved to be bad for everybody. The big losers were Roswell, who spent the next 30 minutes hiding under the sofa and the next hour after that in my arms mewping while we walked around and talked about her traumatic episode, and Shatner's book which now looks like a roll of toilet paper that was thrown into a pond a week ago. I escaped largely unscathed.

But tomorrow. There will be fashion designers and models and actors and cameras and creative joy.

Oh, and almost as an after thought it seems now, although there were months of planning and preparation, "we" in the form of the Philadelphia Sketch Club, are throwing a steampunk party for Jamie Wyeth tomorrow night. In another life this would be the Big News but as it is things keep eclipsing things unfairly and amazing things like this get buried at the end of posts.

Shift gears. Write it down. Don't forget it. Get used to it. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

This is life at 100 miles per hour.

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