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I'm in Tinley Park Illinois photographing veterans tattoos for War Paint. Headed up to Chicago later tonight to see Silver Ingrid, Valya, MonkeyManPhoto and the talented singer/songwriter Molly Robison. My days have been filled with wonderful people who are making this possible; some of whom have seen and endured things that are traumatic and horrible and paint an indellable patina on their world around them.

I heard this morning that Jim, who people remember as the disarming final image in Armed America, has died after a long battle with cancer and heart trouble. Though I only met him on three or four occasions, I knew him as a kind person who was set about with difficulties and remained cheerful in the face of adversity.

And as I work on this new project, meeting so many more people, I'm reminded at how "we" -- photographers and writers and the like -- are keepers of memory. And the more memory you keep, the more sad news it will come to contain. The world spins along and one by one we all cease -- our lights fade and all that remains is the way that we have affected those around us. So we trod along, hopeful that we will be remembered fondly for good works, kind deeds, and a compassionate nature. (At least I hope that.) That the ripples of the things we have done will travel around the Earth and make it better.

So write down a memory today, make a record, let tomorrow know what was good about today. I'm grateful for all the opportunities I've had to share people's stories.

Jim with Nicki

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