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Couple quick things...

1) I got nominated for a Shorty Award (no foolin) which are for Twitter "real time blogging". I'd love to win one (and not just because I'd get to run into Nathan Fillon in the bar at the awards ceremony). At the moment I'm tied for first place. If you do have a Twitter account and feel like casting a vote you can click here and tweet from their web page or you can just tweet "I nominate @kylecassidy for a Shorty Award in #photography because..." (and then give a reason, it can be anything, but every nomination has to have a reason). (If you vote from the web page you might want to uncheck the "follow shortyawards" box -- sneaky sneaky.)

2) I'm giving a lecture tomorrow (Tuesday, January 18th) at the Photographic Society of Philadelphia. It's at 7:00 and I'm going to be talking about some recent iPhonetography as well as Leaving Dakota and The Day My Grandmother Exploded. You should stop by. It'll be fabulous.

I'll post a recap from the lecture and photos, I'm sure. And, you know, if you're following my Shorty Award Nominated twitter feed (ahem) you may get the real time low-down.


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