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Apart from being a New York Times bestseller many times over, novelist Peter Straub is a reoccurring character on ABC's daytime drama One Life To Live. I kid you not. He plays blind detective Pete Braust who, since 2006 has been popping in just whenever things seem hopeless for Lt. John McBain (Michael Easton) and offering some sagacious wisdom which solves the crime.

Monday Pete Braust returned to Llandview once again to save the day (explaining in part "I see with my ears!") I was lucky enough to be on hand for the awesomeness.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Peter, his son-in-law, Michael Fusco, daughter Emma, who's second book Other People we Married just came out, Peter's assistant, Este Lewis, (currently choosing between two great grad schools,) actor Robert Woods who has played Bo Buchannan on OLTL for thirty years now, his wife, Loyita Chapel, who plays both Blaze and Dallas on OLTL, & Susan Straub who runs Read to Me.

Blind detective Peter Braust always shows up at the critical moment with just the right insight to crack the case. Though this time, it's the Lieutenant's cold feet in regards to his upcoming marriage to Natalie.

In the episode Bo (played by Robert) gets into a fight with his brother Clint (played by Jerry verDorn) at Natalie and Jessica's double wedding, Clint has a flash drive that has, I think, naughty photos of one of the brides, and someone else has switched one of their paternity tests (they're both pregnant) but can't remember which one. I'm not sure how much of this Bo knew about when he was doling out ten fingered justice. It was confusing but glorious. Peter delivered his lines with eloquence and there was a heady delight at the Straub residence as we watched and cheered. He's really such a lovely person, you'd never expect that he spends most days thinking about how to disembowel people in new and unique ways.

The party was wonderful -- I was fascinated by Bob's stories of life on a soap opera set -- the sheer number of pages that need to be memorized every day (he said that one day the week before he shot scenes for eight different episodes), the way the sets are put together and taken down, their idiosyncrasies (one of the sets has a grand staircase that leads to nowhere and actors who's characters exit up them are forced to stand at the top -- up in the studio lights -- waiting for the action to end on the stage floor before they can come back down)

It's grand to hang out with other photographers, but we end up talking about camera bags and lens caps. I love the cross pollination that occurs when you meet people doing things far removed from what you typically do. What a wonderful world we live in.

I was a bit sad not to have met actor Michael Easton who plays Lt. McBain -- having heard so much about him. (He and Peter wrote the graphic novel The Green Woman together. But there shall be other grand parties. I made it home by midnight to trillian_stars where I belong.

You can watch the whole episode here.

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