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Some Things!

1) Kaz Mahoney has picked a winner in the book giveaway, congratulations gategrrl560. Thanks to everyone who wrote and read.

2) Livejournal - Not sure what's up with email notifications. I contacted them, haven't heard back. The new games I find distressing but if it's what they have to do to keep this thing running I can live with it.

3) If you're in Philly this Sunday and you're a Molly Robison fan, drop me a line, there's a semi-secret concert. If you're not a Molly Robison fan, you should be. She also has a new EP almost out w/ photos by me. Order details soonish.

4) If you're not following me on Twitter, then you're probably missing out on #morningCATface. Just saying.

5) I'm really not buying it that iTunes doesn't have the album artwork for AC/DC's High Voltage.

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