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In Which there is a Party, an Intern, and Two Winners

Late wednesday night -- packing right now for my trip to LA, but I wanted to post something quickly.

1) Everybody please welcome the new intern, roguish_ink who will be taking over from addieplum.

2) trillian_stars has picked not one, but two winners in the camera bag giveaway -- thanks to everyone who participated.

3) Last Sunday when trillian_stars and I had a party -- a mass celebration of awesome with novelists Carolyn Turgeon and Jeanine Cummins and singer / songwriter Molly Robison who all, by some swirl of the gravity of time, had either a record or a novel just come out.

Carolyn read from her latest book Mermaid and Molly played from her new EP Bedrooms and Attics that actually comes out Friday, and Jeanine from her book The Outside Boy. Trillian will likely post something more heartfelt and in-depth Thursday afternoon.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Interview with Jeanine Cummins about her new book

Carolyn talking about Mermaid:

and here's an iPhone panorama of Molly playing

Clickenzee to Embiggen!


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