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San Diego Workshop! Sunday April 17th!

Hey kids the fabulous Kake McKinnon and I are doing it again -- a photography/jewelry workshop next weekend. Sunday is an open photo studio day in San Diego California, if you want to be photographed, or if you have jewelry you want photographed, or you have a dress you want photographed, or if you want to hang out and watch and learn about photography and flashes and backgrounds this is your chance!

Prices start at $50. No foolin. More info and photos from other workshops right here on Kake's page. Click now! Come on out!

Email if you want to sign up and we'll take care of you.

This is Kambriel from our last such workshop in the Tucson desert.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

EDIT: More info from katemckinnon

I am teaching a beading class, which is full, but Kyle has spaces for YOU if you want to come and be photographed, take photographs, or bring stuff to photograph. Both sessions are in the fabulous Art Deco palace of Mark and Marcia DeCoster, who plied us with absinthe and allowed our friends Jay and Terry to do stupendous yoga poses on their black floors, which Kyle photographed with glee and abandon.

You really should, if you haven't, check out the PDF of our last excursion in this space. And then, for the love of all things sensible, come and play with us!

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