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Sunday in San Diego

Don't you want me to take your LJ icon photo?

This weekend I'm in San Diego doing a workshop with Kake McKinnon (sold out) on Saturday and one on mah own (wide open) on Sunday. (Facebook invite here.)

This isn't a workshop for photographers, it's a party. And a workshop about photography. If you're a photographer and you want to learn about lights and lenses, you should sign up. If you're an actor who needs a headshot, you should come, if you have a dress you want yourself photographed in, you should come. If you have a diorama of the Civil War you want to sell on ebay and you need stunning photos of, you should come. If your portfolio is a mess and you want help figuring out what to do, you should come. If you have lights and umbrellas you can't figure out how to use, you should come. If you want to make origami paper cranes and listen to me tell jokes all day -- you should come. There are two half day sessions (morning/afternoon) and one all day session (which is both morning and afternoon.) The half days are $50, the full day is $100 -- you can come in the morning and decide whether you're having too much fun to leave after lunch.

We'll be in a beautiful house with a hot tub. Fo shizzle. Email for details.

Here's a .pdf of the last time Cake and I did this -- you should look at this, it's pretty pretty.

This is the promo shot I did for Curio Theatre's production of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead last week. It's the sort of thing we'll be working on this weekend. Come on out. Bring your friends.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Please share with your friends around San Diego who may be interested.

Go do something awesome today.

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