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I'm off to San Diego for the workshops with Kake McKinnon. There are still Sunday slots available. I'll be on an airplane all day, but contact Kake if you're interested, she'll hook you up.

Yesterday I saw on Twitter that the Throne from the new George RR Martin mini-series "Game of Thrones" was going to be at 30th Street Station (which is just a few blocks from my house). So Jared Axelrod and I walked down and got out pixtures taken sitting in it. Then I figured "I might as well go see the free premiere that they're showing at the local multiplex." So I went with yagathai and on the way in there was a drawing for a free iPad. I filled out the card (which was just one of those MY NAME IS things, they didn't even want my email address) and -- lo and behold, not only is George RR Martin responsible for this awesome photo of me in Sean Bean's chair, but now I have an iPad. yagathai said "you lead a charmed life." And I guess I can't dispute that.

Thanks everybody for helping make everything awesome. I hope to see some of you this weekend. Oh, and as an added bonus, if you show up in Balboa Park on Saturday in a ball gown, top hat or dressed as a pirate (your choice), I'll take your picture. In front of the Mingi, 1-3.

My plan for world domination involves kittens.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

(p.s. anybody having right-left scrolling problems with my blog posts suddenly? a couple facebook users said that the layout was no longer fluid and scrolled off their pages, anecdotally they were using google chrome. It works fine in Safari for me, and on my iPhone.)

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