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I awoke this morning to find four emails from people lamenting that I'm not in San Diego and not doing various things like going to dinner with them or photographing their pirate costumes. So I feel compelled to say that I actually am in San Diego, California. I'm here all weekend. I probably can't go out to your favorite restaurant, but I CAN TOTALLY MEET YOU.

I'm doing two events, one is Kake McKinnon's GLITTERGANZA where she's just getting people to dress up in their finest (and your Ren Faire dress COUNTS!) and show up outside the Mengie Museum in Balboa park from 1-3 and we're just photographing everyone. That's today, Saturday April 16, 2011. It's completely and totally free. Come meet me, I'll take your picture. I'd personally like it if you dressed like a pirate, but I will settle for a thrift store prom gown.

On Sunday I'm doing an all day workshop for photographers and people who want to be photographed. That you get to pay for ($50 for the half day, $100 for the whole day) that's going to be a more focused learning experience. We'll go through making a photo from beginning to end. Email for details.

So yes, I am actually in San Diego, and we can actually hang out!

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