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Roswell's a sick little girl

So yesterday we came home and found Roswell sitting on the floor urinating, with this pool slowly widening around her. She's clumsy, but she never misses the litter box by 20 feet and she'd urinated all over herself, which was really odd. So we called the vet right away and got her an appointment.

They did a blood and urine test and diagnosed her with diabetes. She had super high blood sugar (520 when the normal is between 60 and 120). Her weight might have been a factor, she's still under the "danger" weight, which is 15 lbs (in case you're wondering, Roswell weighs 13.2 pounds). We also learned that she needs to have some teeth pulled. There's no way around the bad parent feeling when the vet's pries your cats mouth open to point out bright red gum lines and says "haven't you ever looked in here?" like a mechanic asking someone if they've ever checked the oil and you stammer "um, no" and feel like you ought to lose your license for being responsible for anything.

Roswell's now on insulin 2x a day and some prescription meat paste, also 2x a day. At the moment she thinks she's won the lottery, everybody else is on dry food and she gets sent out into a private dining room to chow down on wet food while one of us gives her a shot that she doesn't appear to notice (first needle? right through my finger). She's got an appointment in a week to check her blood sugar again and possibly adjust her dosage. She may get better and be able to stabilize with just food, or she may need this for the next fifteen years.

Which brings me to this -- I'd love for one of you clever woodworking etsy types to make a chore board and freaking sell me one. It would have a little slab of chalk board on one side so you can write a task like "Give Roswell Morning Injection" and then you'd put a peg in it like "yellow for Trillian, green for Kyle" and when you perform the task, you pull the peg out. I'm imagining too that eventually after using such an awesome thing, we'd say "hey, we can add a line for vacuum! and one for "take out the trash"" and there would be another tile you could attach to the bottom, and keep adding for as many chores as you have. (You know that router your mother in law gave you three years ago for your birthday you've never used? you could dovetail them.) And I'd buy multiples for my friends and family too.

I never wanted a cat, believe it or not. But when Roswell showed up on the back porch I couldn't say no, even though she wasn't real keen on the idea. We're on this ride together now.

Diabetic people or pet advice/stories? Want to encourage someone to make a Roswellboard so you can buy one? In the comments.

One more photo of Roswell? Sure.

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