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I was going to post a followup to the iPad/ereader thing, but instead I'm just going to post a photo of Rebel Alliance Barbie. This was shot in the forest of Massachusetts with some off camera lighting. It's the exact sort of thing we'll be doing in the upcoming Virginia workshop. (You can cyberstalk Rebel Alliance Barbie or send her fan mail here.) Thanks to Anna Fischer for the gonnektion.

Leaving Dakota had shows in Boston and Texas and Japan -- which was wonderful. You can check out some photos on the Leaving Dakota group flickr page. And in similar news, I think Leaving Dakota is getting towards the end of its scheduled tour. Which means it can either come back home here for a final show and get boxed up and put in the basement, or you can get on the schedule and host it yourself. Email if you'd be interested in hanging the show in your coffee shop, hallway, at Bombay Beach, or under a Joshua Tree in the Mojave (oh please oh please someone do this)

The Top Sekret Projekt with greygirlbeast (aka Caitlin R. Kiernan) is going well, can't wait for that to really get started, it's going to be awesome. The semi Top Sekret Project with Elizabeth Bear, Will Shetterly & Emma Bull is plunking along wonderfully.

I'm finishing up War Paint this month. Do you happen to live at Quantico?? Drop me a line, I'm trying to plan a weekend photographing vets tattoos.

That's all for now. Post tomorrow about mothers day, the theater and the symphony. Do something awesome today kids. Especially if it involves UFO's or Bigfoot.

Rebel Alliance Barbie! Clickenzee to Embiggen!

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