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It's been a busy few days -- I've been working on the Top Secret Caitlin R. Kiernan project and the Top Secret C.E. Murphy project and we've had Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead going all around us and then our lives got cut into 12 hour segments by Roswell's needing injections. Her diabetes treatments continue to go well, but giving her shots is taking some getting used to.

Some time this weekend we got together with Colonel & Doctor Stars and my mother and went out to brunch and had a lovely time and trillian_stars went off to her performance and I went to the orchestra w/ my friend Colin to see Kurt Masur conduct Shostakovitch symphony #1 and Tchaikovsky's 6th. I wasn't really sure what Masur was actually doing -- in any sense that he was performing some action that then made the orchestra do something in response, but it was nice to see and the audience was very excited to have him there -- he got the ovation of someone who's saved the city from the torch (which, I guess, is kind of what he did in East Germany).

In other important news, we finished watching Season 4 of "24" and my cultural literacy has been extended by one notch. I'm itching to make some sort of David Banner joke, but I'm not sure what it is.

We went to Free Comic Book Day at our local store, Locust Moon and had a swell time. Jared Axelrod and JR Blackwell were there, dressed as Wolverine & Rogue. (No, seriously.)

Oh, and we got a memory foam mattress topper, which has been an interesting experience. It's cut down on my lower back pain a great deal, but we're not entirely used to its peculiarities yet. It's kind of like laying in a giant pudding that you never quite drown in. I'd prefer it a tad firmer but it's still a lot better than our old mattress. We've both noticed that we don't need pillows anymore (which is really strange, I always used four or five, now one thin pillow makes me feel like I'm going to asphyxiate myself).

In any event, I'm sure I'm forgetting something -- but do something marvelous today.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

(Now I remember, there's Leaving Dakota news -- but I'll post about that later.)

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