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trillian_stars is doing a reading in Philadelphia Monday night. These are performances of plays still in the writing/re-writing process performed by actors with scripts so that the playwright can see how things work -- what may need to be changed, what the audiences like -- this is an opportunity for you to be a part of the creative process -- meet a playwright, see a play performed and have your opinion really count. I'll be there, giving loud and possibly unwelcome feedback -- I hope you can join me. Trillian says of the play: "It's a play by local West Philadelphian Ilana Vine and is called Quiet, Suburban. I play a thwarted suburban mother whose dreams are filtered through the lives of her two daughters."

If you're in Philadelphia and want to come, all the pertinent info is

At the Calvary Center for Culture and Community
4740 Baltimore Ave
Monday, May 16, 2011
7:00pm, FREE
Be part of the creative process! Join us after the reading to ask questions and give feedback to the playwright.

Featuring: Chelsea Bulack, Tessa Kuhn, and Trillian Stars
Directed by Bianca Fiscella

Quiet, Suburban is the story of Naomi, a sarcastic and straightforward 16 year old, who is sent to a psychiatric hospital after overdosing on a bottle of aspirin. Meanwhile, Naomi’s older sister Maura, returns home from the music conservatory she’s studying at to compete in a prestigious piano competition. Their mother, Linda (always concerned with Maura’s success) doesn’t tell her about Naomi out of a fear that the situation will distract her from the competition. Maura also has a secret: despite her success as a piano player, she’s found the conservatory exhausting and overwhelming and isn’t planning to return to school. As the story unfolds all three women must wrestle with the silence of their pasts while trying to find their voices to make a better future.

If you're not in Philly or aren't interested, just look at the picture and move along. Be swell today. Here's a photo that has almost nothing to do with Monday's performance.

Clickenzee to Embiggen


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