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In Which there is a Book! With a Cover!

Over the weekend the class worked on making a cover for Stephen Leigh's new eBook The Woods. It's out! Up & alive and downloadable to your eDevice for $3.99.

I'm about half-way through it and it's sort of reminding me of an early Stephen King or Peter Straub novel (which is certainly not a bad thing) young boys facing the problems of growing up, a strange place in the woods with mysterious standing stones where they can sense some ... power, possibly evil, possibly not. And then a mysterious, dark, and beautiful woman who appears suddenly and seems to know an awful lot about them....

You can see lots of behind the scenes photos from the shoot and lots of other views taken by everyone in the class here on the group's flickr pool. Our model is the powerful Sarah McClellan. Let's see if people will judge a book by it's cover....

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