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Things have been relatively sedate at Casa Del Milla for the last week or so. My father's been visiting and we've spent much time with him, talking and laughing and driving around shopping for computers and the like. War Paint is winding down and I'm planning on a couple more trips to photograph veterans tattoos so that's in the works. We've been cooking a lot with Roswell and I've been prepping for the Top Sekret Project with greygirlbeast....

On Saturday we went to the zoo and watched one after another in a long line of 40 year old ignoramuses in baggy shorts and bar t-shirts banging on the glass in the reptile house and waving their arms and yelling "you think you're so tough?" at sleeping tigers. I can safely say I've never seen so many people who needed to get bitten.

Don't forget we've a pair of tickets to the Philadelphia Orchestra that might be yours.

This is Sarah from the Virginia photography workshop. It was a great bunch of people and I miss them already.

Clickenzee to Embiggen for your Computer Wallpaper!

How are you all doing?

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