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Leaving Dakota in Washington D.C. and Oakland CA

1) If you're in Washington D.C. or nearby, my Leaving Dakota gallery show will be at the Electric Maid tonight June 10, 2011 from 7-10. I'm told there will be free food. there's a facebook invite here. Next week the show will be in Oakland. And after that it may be up in the air, so contact me if you want to host the show.

For those of you who may have missed it, Leaving Dakota is a series of 25 narrative images that tell the story of -- well, I'm not exactly what story they tell -- but they can be arranged and re-arranged to tell different stories and as it's traveling around the world, people have been adding their own photos to it, so it's bigger every place it arrives and each new curator gets the opportunity to choose what images to hang and in what order to tell whatever story they want.

2) If you haven't run over to Bandcamp to listen to Molly Robison's new CD, Bedrooms & Attics, you should do that now. You can listen to the entire thing for free on Bandcamp, or you can buy it for $5. And, obviously, the more people buy, the more time she'll have to work on her new one, and your $5 might be the difference between her writing a song and not writing a song on a particular day -- so you have the opportunity to change music history. You can also follow her on twitter which seems largely to be about what creepy guys on the Chicago subway say to her every day, though there are occasional stories of partying with other rock stars. (Last night it was some dudes from the Alkaline Trio). Oh hey, I did her album artwork!

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