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So I'm in New York for two days photographing Amanda Palmer's new backup band. Like everything else we've ever done together this was something of a crowd sourced spectacle. Amanda had decided that the audience should dress the band -- the musicians would show up more or less naked, the audience would just throw clothes up on stage and they'd wear them. After all this madness it seemed a logical progression that the band's first official photo shoot should be on stage too, amid the piles of lingerie, jackets and ironic hipster t-shirts strewn about like a Goodwill had crashed into the side of a mountain. So ... very capably assisted by Colin I practiced leaping up on stage with lights and umbrellas and banging something out in 60 seconds or less (I think the photo shoot actually lasted 45 seconds) and then bounding off. (Hayley Fiasco photographed it from the audience and posted it to twitter here.)

We had one shoot-thru umbrella on a pole (held by Colin) with an sb800 on the top, triggered by a pocket wizard. I was shooting a Nikon d700 with the 24-120 kit lens at something like 1/60th at f 5.6 mostly between 24 & 30mm's. I took 27 photos. Not sure if this will be the final one, but if it's not, you'll have a rarity.

Get it while it's hot, wallpaper size when you click on it.

(And thanks to everybody who came up and said hello last night. The general consensus seems to be that maybe I should update my icon photo so it looks more like I do now.)

Clickenzee to Embiggen

(That's Chad, Mike, Sean & AFP)

Oh, and Sara Borrello opened for the band -- she's freaking amazing -- I think she's everything that was good about Fiona Apple and none of the things that weren't good about her. Check this out. I mean now, check it out. Shes's freakingninteen. And then go get on her mailing list.

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