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Can you ID this microbe?

I have fond childhood memories of my father bringing me jars filled with wet clumps of dead leaves floating in ichorous, stinking, pond scum. He's that kind of guy. I'd race joyously upstairs and scrape pinhead size clumps of slime onto a microscope slide and with a copy of Gaylord Jonson's Hunting With The Microscope open on the desk I'd search for things. He built me a terrarium so that I could grow my own wee beasties and never want for company.

On Tuesday I happened by his house and saw his own microscope out on the kitchen table and a jar of fermenting leaves and filthy water enticingly on the window sill. I scraped off a blob of decomposing vegetation and had a look. Here's a video of someone taken with my iphone, through the eyepiece. Not having Gaylord's book, I'm not sure what it is -- if you do, let me know in the comments.

Before I left my dad said "Make sure to put him back in the water, don't want to bake the little fellow."

Which is just one of the reasons I love my dad. Memories of jars of festering, stagnant water are others.

In other news:
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