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busy day

It's been a busy day here at Casa del Milla.

We started off at a garden party, right after Roswell's first diabetes injection, and had a swell time eating tortilla soup, looking at gardens, and meeting wonderful new Interweb stalkers (there's probably a blog post in this somewhere), then we raced off from there to go carousing with our friends Jim and John: (carousing with them means going to their house and listening to records on their amazing collection of Victrola's -- yes my friends, they have multiple talking machines each more beautifully sculpted than the last) we danced, we drank water, we talked about Dorothy Parker (who is my new obsession), we talked about Joan Crawford, we talked about Spike Jones, we talked about Charlie Chaplin, then we snuck home for a break and watched a couple of episodes of The West Wing (season 1) which we are now totally in love with. We'd been watching 24 and I can't imagine now why I'd been wasting my time on that after seeing the beautiful, witty, character driven dialogue of the West Wing. Then we went off to Dave Axler's science fiction summer party which was packed with writers and editors (and chocolate). It was marvelous there and filled with great conversation and then, like some strange new parents concerned with Junior's burping, checked our watches, downed our wine, chewed our crackers and left early to come home and give Roswell her second diabetes shot.

... and almost magically, standing in the living room looking at trillian_stars taking off her grand hat, discarding her shoes, and reaching for the insulin needle, I felt like we'd lived a week in the short hours afforded to us.

I hope you did too -- don't let the day pass you by unremembered.

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