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Google's autocomplete is a look into our hive mind -- when you start typing something in Google, the search engine will bring up a list of what it thinks you might be trying to say, based on questions other people asked.

Last night I was curious as to whether or not there is a bed on Air Force One (there is, it's a fold-out sofa bed connected to the President's study).

When I typed "Is there" the #1 question autocomplete came up with is "Is there a God?" which was kind of heartwarming in a way, I imagined kids around the world using every resource at their disposal to answer the same metaphysical questions people asked when all they could do was grunt.

But when I kept on typing and got as far as "Is there a bed o" -- the #1 most asked question was "Is there a bed on Air Force One?". Proving that no matter how clever I think I am, I'm just like all those cavemen, grunting out the same questions over and over.

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