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In the desert

I saw on teh Twitters this morning that Kambriel's Femininja Cowl is in this Harry Potter Etsy treasury which reminded me of being out in the desert with her and a bunch of students in one of the Tucson workshops I did with Kate Mckinnon.

It's a pretty cool cowl.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

And one of me from that day in my pre-shot hat. Clickenzee to Embiggen!

I can't really complain about this life.

P.S. Tom Freaking Purdom has a new collection up on amazon for the Kindle, it's called "Three from Asimov's" and is a bundle of three of his novellas from the famous science fiction magazine, "The Path of the Transgressor" ("an action story that centers on the relationship between an animal behavior researcher and his made-to-order wife."), "Research Project" ("is a first contact story about herbivorous aliens who land on Mars; it presents the story of one of the aliens, as told by a human researcher, as read by a nine year old girl who is reading it on an advanced ereader.") and "Civilians". If you missed any of them in Asimov's, grab them now. It's $3.

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