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Leaving Dakota at Readercon

Leaving Dakota my traveling gallery show is at Readercon in Burlington MA tonight! It'll be up at the Interstitial Arts Exchange Party (which is not an official party of the Interstitial Arts Foundation - just to be clear). Whether or not you can make it, you can read a really lovely interview that the Interstitial Arts Foundation did with me which talks a good bit about Leaving Dakota.

Leaving Dakota is an episodic photo set. If the images are re-arranged, the story changes, and the story ends ambiguously and we may be missing events from the middle, as the exhibition travels around the world, the hosts are invited to arrange the images to tell whatever story they'd like and to add photos of their own if there are gaps in the story they want to tell. Along the way the show has not only picked up additional images, but also artifacts that go along with it.

If you're at Readercon you can see it tonight, Friday July 15, 2011 at:

What: Interstitial Arts Exchange Party!
Where: Readercon 22, Burlington, MA
When: 8:00PM - ???, Friday, 15th July, 2011
Come early and get a cool gift.

If you make it to the show, send me photos, I'd love to see it virtually.

If you're not able to see it tonight, Leaving Dakota is looking for more people to host it. It's small, packs up into a shoebox, and you can hang it in the most unorthodox places. Drop me a line if you're interested.

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