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home theater question

If you're not an AV-club geek, you can just skip this and get on with your friends page.

We've got a persistent and annoying problem with our home theater which consists of:

A Yamaha rx-v440 receiver
2 Boston Acoustic vr20's in the front
2 Boston Acoustic CR55's in the rear channel
A JBL something-or-other center channel
A 40 watt powered subwoofer which isn't connected because when we watch Master and Commander it knocks things off the walls.

When watching a DVD or listening to a CD there will occasionally be a "POP" and the left speaker will go out, this will happen at seemingly random times, but often within 5 minutes of turning on the stereo. If I disconnect the cable and tap the terminal, it'll crackle as you touch the terminal, but no audio comes through.

If I power down the amp and turn it back on, the left channel will usually come back.

And occasionally the amp will just shut itself down -- usually at a very critical moment in The West Wing. The longest it seems the amp goes without shutting down is probably an hour.

I figured it was a short in the speaker wire, so I unplugged the left speaker completely, but the amp will still shut itself off. The vents on top aren't obstructed and we have a fan up there just in case, but it seems to have no effect.

Any ideas?

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