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From the turret at Castle Gaiman

I'm in Minneapolis for the next few days visiting with Neil & Maddy Gaiman and the Fabulous Lorraine. Maddy G & I are working on a Top Sekret Projekt which you may see something from or you may not. Fablor & I are working on some Not Top Sekret Roller Derby Photos because, it's ROLLER DERBY and therefore awesome.

Neil is mostly away in the gazebo scribbling things that we will later read. Occasionally he ventures out and looks like this -- which is something like a cat burglar, because it's cold in the Gazebo. The dogs, I've discovered, and suddenly dogs make sense to me, the dogs, they like other people, (Lola is at this very minute licking my knee), but they are devoted to Neil. They hang on the other side of doors waiting for him to come through, they frolic when he arrives. I know that when I get home after being away two weeks my cats will wander into the living room, voice their displeasure about something, and then they'll wander off and go to sleep somewhere.

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The Cats of Castle Gaiman are off in the cat-safe wing of the house, where the dogs are not, and they're very happy to have a person to sleep on, the dynamics I've been live tweeting (I kid you not, though I figure it's the sort of foolish thing Twitter was made for).

Last night Neil & I took the dogs for a long walk along a corn field beneath a nearly full moon, it was bright and we had flashlights, and I wondered how easily it would be to get lost in a cornfield. At which point Neil vanished into it and I followed and for some time all I could see where the tops of corn stalks wavering in the moonlight, the occasional flash of something big and white running past me, and nearby cornstalks lit up by my flashlight if I turned it on. I could hear the footsteps and the rustling shiver of the leaves, I followed the noise, after a few minutes I saw a flashlight ahead of me and came from the rows into a stand of trees.

"The rows sort of make sure that you go in a straight line," Neil said.

I'm still not sure how easy it is to get lost in a cornfield on a moonlit night, but I know how marvelous it is to try.

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I'm sitting out in the back yard right now with Lola and Cabal and Woodsman Hans, it's chilly, it's wonderful. I got to see the opening of trillian_stars' new play before I left, it's marvelously funny and you should go if you have the chance.

Now there are derby photos to come and cat battles to document.

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