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It was an eventfull afternoon. I made furious notes in a custom journal that texas photojournalist rcmckee made for me, but I'm always at least day behind what's going on -- not matter how diligently I scribble, and I realize that I'm loosing things fast. Case in point -- my first tumble weed -- I'd no idea what they were, but I'd seen them on TV and when I found on, this morning, lodged under the bumper of our rental truck, I was ecstatic. I wanted to bring it home ... had I not posted it to Twitter, I would have immediately forgotten it.

The day involved awesome family things and meeting farmers and asking them high tech questions, and then coming home to the Historic Hotel Greybull to hang out in their speakeasy, which operated during prohibition and was only very recently refurbished. They also custom-made two vegetarian dishes for us, which leaves me with love in my heart.

It (the Historic Hotel Greybull) was the best bar I could imagine in a town filled with saloons with bat-winged doors. I hope things are proceeding with unpredictable awesome wherever you are.

My journal's filling up, but I'll get to transcribing it eventually.

Be well.

I leave you with two iPhone photos from today.

Clickenzee to embiggen

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