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Busy few days -- Eliza Rickman came and rocked the house, it was a marvelous concert. She's touring the rest of the country, track her down and see her when she comes to your town.

On Saturday as she was leaving trillian_stars and I ran into this guy on the sidewalk -- I'd like to introduce you to Sir Harry Paget Flashman, the most charming stray cat in America.

Clickenzee to Embiggen! Sir Harry for your desktop!

He's currently ensconced in the breakfast room, aka The Scrunch Memorial Quarantine, sleeping on the sofa and helping me write my Videomaker article. He's super friendly and he really wants a full time person to cuddle with. He will be especially good for professional writers -- this morning he doubled my word count with his butt.

His contribution?

If you can't take Sir Harry (or any of the other wonderful cats City Kitties is hosting), but want to help out, you can make a donation to City Kitties to help out with Sir Harry's medical bills.

I've got some Death is a Dialogue photos coming up and some Wyoming landscapes. I need to finish that article now. Hope your afternoon is filled with love and productivity.

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