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Trust is for Fools

This is Georgia from the band Bitter Ruin.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

If you're from the UK then

They have a single that came out today and they're hoping to get it to chart in the UK. "Charting" -- getting your song in the top 100 list is a way of getting recognized, people look at the chart and think "oh, other people are listening to it, it must be good." Typically the way a song charts is a bunch of people at a record company get together and say "this song by our prefab boy band should chart the first week in October" and then they throw gobs of money behind it and publicists call radio stations and copies of the record go out to newspapers and people call people and the song gets played a lot and it gets on the charts and more people buy it and sometimes it takes people months to realize that the song's not really that good.

Bitter Ruin are doing this all on their own, without a record company or a PR team or any backing other than themselves, which makes it really impossible for them to compete. Unless they have a really good song, which they do.

You can help them compete by buying their single from or from iTunes UK.

Only sales in the UK count towards their charting. Of course you can buy it in the US, and I encourage you to get all their cd's, but it's particularly important that it sells in the UK this week in order to get recognized.

Here's their lovely video for the song:

UPDATE: As of early morning 10/3/2011 Bitter Ruin is #1 in the rock singles bestsellers.</b>

If you're not from the UK you can get right on along with your day!

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