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Stuff around the house

Lately it's been a lot of prep for a the upcoming Drowning Girl shoots in Rhode Island -- which reminds me, we may be looking for a production assistant in Providence the weekend of the 14th-16th -- it's a paid position, let me know if you're in the area and you feel like doing fun things like shuttling people back and forth to motels, holding lights, taping clothes on models, getting into various sorts of danger and hobnobbing with famous authors.

trillian_stars has been at rehearsal for her new play, "Pardon My Intrusion" a lot this week. I haven't seen much of her. There's a month of this and then the show opens.

This weekend I'm doing a poster image for Curio's Theater's production of Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice which means I'm worrying too much about lights and water and making a better poster than the last person who did. I've also got an epic shoot planned with Heartless Revival that's going to be ... epic. Every time someone says "Let's add a blimp!" my stomach flips over. I know the blimp is a good idea but as much as I can be a control freak on shoots, as the responsibility mounts I know that more people are staring at me and my chance of dropping the ball on camera gets a lot bigger.

Roswell and I have been watching the Harry Potter DVD's someone sent her in the mail. We're up to the Goblet of Fire. Roswell seems to enjoy the together time more than the story.

I'm probably forgetting something......

Here's a pair of photos of Daphne from this evening.

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