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Occupy Wall Street

This Sunday I'm going to be up at Occupy Wall Street shooting portraits. Looking for an assistant who's in town already and feels like carrying lights & holding backdrops.

I can't really keep blaming "the media" for not covering this thing right if i'm "the media" and I'm sitting home watering my plants.

I'm planning on a series of studio images on the street with backdrops and lights to put a face on what's happening, a studio environment to separate the person from the surroundings and document, to the best of my ability, a small portion of who the 99% are. If you've got ideas of who I should meet or where I should go, feel free to email or twitter. I"m kyle (at)

If you're at #OccupyWallStreet and would like to participate, add me (@kylecassidy) on twitter and find me on Sunday. I'll be there all day.

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