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The photos, they're leaking out!

Spent much of Saturday with Brian doing some preliminary editing on the Drowning Girl video, which was mostly me just telling him that he was correct with his initial instinct. I'm totally in love with the music that West Thorsden from a Whisper in the Noise did for us and can't stop listening to it, so watching the trailer over and over has been a pleasant experience.

Today (Sunday) I've spent buried in Drowning Girl paperwork seeing how quickly our money went out the door -- a big part of which was due to the first shoot being cancelled at the last minute due to hurricane Irene, but we've managed to pay everyone for their work and to get people from all over the country together to make the best thing we could, and it's beautiful.

This is probably the last Drowning Girl photo you'll see until February or March, unless you're one of the kickstarter folks who's getting one in the mail.

There will be more, and they're awesome.

The two paintings in the back are actually by Michael Zulli who's on board with the Drowning Girl and actually, physically, with a paintbrush and paint created the imaginary paintings that are a centerpiece of the book.

Luckily for you there are a few more projects that'll be bursting into the public in the weeks ahead. The photos from the Heartless Revival shoot are awesome and this Friday I'm doing a Top Sekret project with the cast and crew of trillian_stars' upcoming play Pardon my Invasion (which opens November 3rd at Plays & Players in Philly).

Monday I'm thinking of heading down to Occupy Philadelphia. If you've got a tent there, drop me a line.

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