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A reader writes

A reader writes:

I'm a stationary geek. Can you link to some of your posts about fountain pens? I remember there being a few but I can't find them.

Of course. Here are some blog posts about

Monteverde demonstrator (plus geeky rangefinder camera pr0n.)

trillian_stars' Fancy antique dip pen and mechanical pencil combo.

fountain pen photos a-plenty! plus journals and a portable ink well.

I gave away a Montblanc to a promising writer includes geeky pen photos.

my Delta Dolce Vita.

Last winter I gave away a whole bunch of fountain pens to promising writers (includes geeky photos).

I gave away most of my pens because I only use about four of them, photos of my favorite four pens and lots of writing about them, this, I must say, is a pretty good post about pens.

There's only one tiny shot of a pen in this post but it includes photos of Roswell.

Part something-or-other of the story of my Esterbook which does include pretty pixtures.

And some talking about journals.

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