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Those of you who may be new don't know the story of Roswell, the sad kitten Phil and I rescued from the back porch with her eyes swollen shut and her meningitis and seizures and her harrowing stay in the intensive care unit at the vet hospital and how, when she got out all better, she stuck to me like glue, following me everywhere and at the time I was working on a vegan cookbook. She got up with me at five in the morning and sat around while I tried stuff out, she mangled tofu and went crazy for seaweed. So many of the photos that I posted of the food I was working on had Roswell in them, supervising, that I realized it wasn't so much a book about food as it was a book about love and companionship. Since then people have been bugging me to actually make a cookbook about cooking with Roswell and ... to show you that we have been plugging along ....

Finally sample pages from Cooking with Roswell.


Roswell and I have hammered out a wonderful variation on Egyptian fava bean soup and we want you to have a go at it.

Clickenzee for RECIPIE!

Please give it a try and let us know your feedback.

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