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Pardon My Invasion

One of the great things about being married to a performer is that you get to spend at least some regular time in the back of the theater or the corner of a room where nobody knows who you are and you get to watch people applaud the person you love. You get to witness them perform great feats and you get to see the slack jawed wonder on other people's faces that you've had on your own ever since you met them.

trillian_stars new play, Pardon My Invasion opened at Plays and Players last week and the reviews have started coming out.

There's always a lot of tension after the show's opened and you're waiting for the reviews. Actors get up before the birds and run down to the news stand, waiting in the dark for a van to pull up and offload a bundle of papers, they pretend they don't care & that reviews don't matter, but they do. And these have all been glowing.

The Philadelphia Inquirer the city's largest paper calls it "a blast" and goes on to say "a work eclectic enough to keep it moving onstage, but rooted firmly enough in its humanity that the wheels are still turning afterward. Even the play’s many -- very funny -- dirty jokes have a double edge ... this production runs like a well-oiled military machine."

The Arts America review says "Joy Cutler’s new play is great comedy. The characters are outrageous (an in-character detective-novel author, a curvaceous femme fatale, a brilliantly spoofed sergeant, and a hornball soldier trapped in the body of a teenage girl, to name a few). The directing, acting, and stage design is all high quality. But like the best comedies, Pardon My Invasion has serious underlying messages (and those are often best communicated through laughter), among them that the stress of war affects the home front, just as the pull of work can disrupt family life."

The City Paper says "Smart and silly, Joy Cutler's Pardon My Invasion receives an impeccable première...."

You can get tickets from Plays and Players. As usual, if you're planning on traveling more than 100 miles to see it, we have limited crash space, email for details.

Living the lives we lead we miss so much of one another's successes which makes it extra special when you can see it. Often I want people to go because I can't be there but this time, the great celestial Rubicks Cube has twisted in such a way that we're in the same place at the same time and I want you to go because I can share it with you.

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