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The Furstival of Shears

There are many holidays in the month of December; Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Bodhi Day, Santa Lucia Day, Ashura -- in our house is also celebrated the bi-anual shaving of Her Royal Highness Milla who will tolerate no brushing and can't be bothered with grooming herself. So, on or about the solstices we shave her.

The Furstival of the Shears, as it is known, is usually a week-long standoff between us and Milla, we'll all be sitting on the sofa and pounce on her unawares and start shaving her dreadlocks off until she finally puts and end to it and either injures one of us significantly or manages to squirm under the sofa -- if you've been to the house during the Furstival, you've no doubt seen Milla walking around dragging a partially shorn slab of matted hair looking like a pork chop attached to her hip. We work in small ten minute increments.

This summer however HRH had to have some teeth removed so while she was under we had the vets at The Cat Doctor shave her too. And it was splendid. She had a ferocious lion mane, little booties, and a puffy ball at the end of her tail -- like a sculpted poodle. Previously it was such a fight, we'd just cut off the dreads and left everything else.

"There must be a better way," I thought. My first suspicion fell on the Whal beard trimmer I'd been using on her. "I bet professional groomers don't use beard trimmers," I thought.

Enter the Oster Turbo 5A dual speed grooming shear with accessory "heavy matt" blade.

Recommended on amazon by people who carve tiny little dogs from great balls of fur every day the Oster made short work of Milla's dreads and gave cause to really, really celebrate the Furstival of the Shears for the furst time.

Glamour photos of HRH Milla's new doo to follow, no doubt.

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