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Two videos today.

First, here's Roswell getting her diabetes shot. People didn't seem to believe me when I said it was her favorite time of day, but it is.

Secondly, my dad continues his Hunting With the Microscope and sends this video of some sort of multicellular something or other -- I'm sure someone here can identify it.

In other news, I've got most of the rewards sent out for the Drowning Girl kickstarter -- we're still waiting on the ones that also get a physical copy of the book as we don't have those yet, but people getting prints should (mostly) have them. There are about 15 envelopes here waiting to go out with tomorrow's post.

We're hunkered down in the chill today. Roswell is helping Trillian address Holiday cards, which is fun to watch.

Oh also, I have actually a little more time to add photos to War Paint -- so if you're in the area and have a tattoo related to your military service, drop me a line.

Happy Saturnalia.

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