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Dress up Kyle!

So, last year you may remember that a homeless guy told me that I needed a new coat. Mine is really warm, and nearly perfect, but the nylon shell has two rips in it each about a foot long, so it may be time. Buying a new coat is something I don't take lightly.....

I've got some requirements

1) It needs to have big pockets I can put camera gear in
2) It needs to be SUPER WARM -- lots of what I do is just standing around ... waiting....
3) It needs to not be stuffed with goose down (if you're wondering why not stuffed with goose down, you can watch this horrifying video about where goose down comes from)
4) It needs to be 3/4 length
5) It needs to have a hood
6) It would be nice if it had an inside pocket big enough to fit a large notebook
7) It should have waist & hem cinches to keep the warm in.

This is a more difficult quest than I'd thought. There are lots of good synthetic fill materials, Thinsulate, Primaloft, Polarguard, Thermolite, etc.) But finding them in the configuration I need is proving difficult -- most super warm stuff is for climbers or skiers -- I'm looking for more of a pack mule outfit. I've got two candidates (Three if you count this $300 Antarctic Parka from Wiggy's which fits the bill but is, I think, too expensive to justify.) It should also be large enough to fit three layers underneath.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

One is a primaloft parka from Cabela's the other is a 1970's vintage pre-owned Air Force N3-B parka. Neither of which are near enough that I can try them on.

Advice? Or another option I've missed?? Please feel free to post links to recommendations.

(WHICHEVER I get, I'll need someone to make a patch for the sleeve that says "SECOND ROSWELL EXPEDITION - SOUTH POLE - 1932")

Poll #1809745 Which coat should Kyle get?

Which coat should Kyle get?

The Primaloft parka from Cabela's
The vintage Air Force parka
Neither, I've got a better idea (in comments)
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