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and so it goes.....

So last night I did a production photo for Curio Theatre's new production of Slaughterhouse-Five. I probably don't need to tell you about it -- it's about a WWII vet set loose in time by aliens, he skips around in his life, from the days he was a POW in Germany during the firebombing of Dresden to his youth, to a zoo on an alien world where's he's imprisoned in a giant terrarium with a porn star ... and so it goes....

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Or click here to order tickets (this one's probably going to sell out.)

The set is a giant clock, broken into pieces with move independently to form ... things. After the photo call I stuck around for rehearsal. I'm often amazed when I do stick around for rehersals how little they're like the rehearsals I had in high school when we were doing Harvey or the Royal Family. In those you'd come in, you'd say your lines and the director would tell you where to stand while you were doing it or which door to go through and then you'd go home and you'd do this for a couple of weeks and then you'd do it in front of people. In real theatrical rehearsals there may be twenty people in the room, just standing around. The the director's talking to one actor, a lighting person and the stage manager for 15 minutes and lots of sheets of paper are generated, then everyone gets on stage for two lines of dialogue and some ... thing happens that I don't really understand, it may be a lighting queue or some off stage sandbag moves and then everybody gets off stage and the director calls one actor and a grip and the stage manager and they stand next to some set piece and the whole time I'm not really sure what's going on. There will be a gaggle of actors sitting up against a wall somewhere with a set painter and they'll be talking about Mercutio's motivation in Romeo and Juliet and even though I've seen it three times in the past two years I feel I have nothing to offer to this conversation because it's like a group of geologists talking about an ice core sample they just brought back from the south pole and all you can think of to add to their conversation about oxygen to helium ratios is "you could bust that up and put it in a soda!" so you just keep quiet.

Director Jared Reed dispensing direction to his actors.

Billy Pilgrim (Steve Carpenter) and Montana Wildhack (trillian_stars enjoy a quiet moment on Tralfmagore.

Waiting in the wings, Jerry Rudisill prepares to come on as a German soldier. Jerry was playing

Ford Prefect in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy when I met Trillian.

Jared choreographs the complex set movements with grips.

I'm amazed, and I don't really know why I should be, because I walk past mind boggling things all the time, like suspension bridges and skyscrapers and cell phones that you can see Borneo on, but I'm amazed that people can come together with these skills and each one holding a bit of the puzzle, they can put together what at first looks like a giant mess into this thing of great beauty, wit, and truth.

I'm happy to have been a tiny part of it.

And so it goes....

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