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Hello Austin I am coming for you.

Dear Magic Hotel....

I'm going to be in Austin TX from February 8th until the morning of the 12th doing roller derby portraits. Looking for crash space for myself & my noble companion in crime, Colin (who has the dubious distinction of being the guy who was with me when I almost got into a bar fight because I had Hello Kitty on my phone.) Sofas, living room floor, we're pretty easy. Drop me a note if you can put us up.

Tonight I've been in Delaware, doing ... more derby portraits.

Here's how things are going.

Nadine Brittingham from the Diamond State Roller Girls

It's shaping up nicely. I think there's something here.

Anyway, be well tonight my friends. Work on a project you've put aside, tell someone you love them, pet the next animal that asks you for five minutes straight.

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