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It's been a crazy couple of months around here. I've been on deadline for a Top Sekret Project that's really not top sekret anymore, Trillian's been rehearsing for Slaughterhouse Five, we've been getting ready for the big Gene Wolfe party in Chicago by devouring his collected works (reading them, not eating them), and I've been in Arizona with globetrotting metalsmith Kate McKinnon doing photos for her next book and I've been trying to do this roller derby thing.... Ah well. There have been a bunch of updates on Twitter, not because it's better than Teh Blog, but because I can update it while I'm in line in the grocery store.

I'm still waiting for LJ to come up with a decent iPhone app. Trying to post or read LJ from a phone is a pain in the rear and the phone seems to be 40% of my Internet time these days.

Science Fiction writer Mary Robinette Kowal has announced a "month of letters" in February -- she's not going to send or answer email, she will correspond only by ... snail mail and she's challenging the rest of the world to send one letter by post every day of the month. To make things more interesting, one of her fictional characters will be answering letters sent to her ... with a quill pen. I think it's a noble idea. Get your fountain pens out people. Visit the post office. Ok, just print out some stamps, the post office is a miserable place.

Anyhoo. Some of what's been going on....

I'm Culture! Or at least Franklin & Marshall college thinks so -- I'm giving a lecture there on Stories in Ink: Capturing the Art of Tattoos, March 22nd, 2012. If you're around, stop by. And they put me in the events brochure looking all like I know what I'm doing and all.

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Autumn, from Heartless Revival has been staying in the Rock Star Hotel, adding a bit of class to the blimp mooring station high atop Fortress Hennepin. She's working on all sorts of designs and has the greatest hat and mittens.

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I keep forgetting to mention when I have a new article in Videomaker Magazine because I have one in there every month, but this month's has some trillian_stars action in it.

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