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Eva Canning may, or may not, be the ghost of the last wolf killed in Connecticut.

This is the last of the set of photos I did for Stills from a Movie that Never Existed. We managed to do more than stills, we actually got a bit of a movie out of it, it's now more stills & scenes from a movie that never existed. (You can read about some of that starting here.) We also went about $600 over budget. To fill that gap I've got one of the images up on sale now -- $30 gets you an 8x12 to hang on your wall and have forever. This is all done for love rather than money -- to make something out of empty space, it's most important that this be.

There's going to be a gallery tour starting in the next month or so -- you'll have an opportunity to see the images up close in a town (hopefully) near you.

Clickenzee to get your own.

Brian Siano's Teaser Trailer for the book. Music by A Whisper in the Noise.

Make something today where otherwise there would have been nothing.

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