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In Austin, with a camera

Roller Girls are like royalty in Austin.

I got the first hint of this just as tsarina and I pulled out of the airport parking lot directly behing a Honda festooned with Texas Roller Derby bumper stickers. But the proof was in the evening when Colin and I meandered through downtown Austin with four women from CenTex Roller Derby. Cars would (and I'm not kidding) screech to a halt and people would leap out shouting "OH MY GOD! ROLLERGIRLS!!! CAN I GET MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH YOU?" -- It was like being at the mall with Madonna.

It really feels good to be around all this positive energy -- to see these women who've made something for themselves and become star athletes, many of them in their 40's, chiseled something good out of the world.

Zee from CenTex

After taking portraits we all went out to the Texas Chili Parlor where I had a delightful five bean vegetarian chili and CenTex showed off photo of their broken bones and we were all rock stars.

It's great to be around these people.

Zee, Katie, Ifeelya Payne & Guilty w/ fans

trillian_stars new play opens tonight and I wish I was in Philly to see it. If you're there, hang out after the show and tell her I love her.

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