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Roswell and I made a three bean vegan chili. I'd been worried about it not getting thick enough but simmering uncovered for 30 minutes did wonders, and even thicker the next day. I asked people on twitter for their favorite secret ingredients while I was at the supermarket -- these ranged from liquid smoke to dark beer to soylent green. I also threw in an inch of ginger root because we had it already cut and lying about in the fridge -- & trillian_stars was looking for something a little sharp to cut through her sinus infection.

On the whole, a great success. We may have another go at it tonight to see if it's ready for Cooking With Roswell. But -- as the magic 8 ball says "all signs point to yes."

If you have a secret vegan chili ingredient and weren't following on Twitter during the supermarket run, do list it here.

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